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We provide a comprehensive range of products and systems to meet air conditioning, and refrigeration needs in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings of all kinds.

Decsa Evaporative Condensers and Cooling Towers

Decsa cooling towers, evaporative coolers and evaporative condensers for every kind of application in air conditioning systems, industrial plants, industrial refrigeration and cold chain applications.

Lu-ve Cooling Coils and Condensers

Lu-ve product range for commercial and industrial cooling units, air-cooled condensers and dry coolers are suitable for all kinds of applications. Conservation of fresh food, fresh fruit and vegetables, freezing, shopping centres, Data Centers and  etc.

Ammonia Screw Compressor Units

Many advantages come with using ammonia compressors. Ammonia is a very efficient refrigerant, can operate in a wide range of temperatures, and has low noise levels

Bitzer Compressors and Condensing Units

BITZER products are renowned for their efficiency, operating reliability and low life cycle costs in numerous industrial refrigeration applications. For example, refrigeration compressors from BITZER are used in low-temperature storage at chain stores, help to flash-freeze foods and make it possible to manufacture and store essential medication.

Danfoss Valves

Complete valve program incl. valve stations :

Shut-off valves, Regulating valves, Pressure and temperature regulating valves, ICF valve stations, Liquid level controls, Check valves, Strainers, Solenoid valves, ammonia and fluorinated refrigerants
Safety relief valves, Pressure switches and thermostats, Thermostatic expansion valves, Thermostatic injection valves.

Water-Cooled Condenser

Shell&Tube Condensers are manufactured in order to provide low pressure loss and high efficiency starting from a cooling capacity of 20 kW up to a capacity of 1680 kW under standard working conditions.

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